On the Way to Bhutan

Andi and I are on our way to Bhutan. We left Columbus yesterday (or was it the day before?) morning and flew to Minneapolis. After a very long layover, we took an even longer flight to Narita, Japan. Fortunately our layover there was only a couple hours before we caught our flight to Hong Kong.

We arrived in Hong Kong just before midnight. It didn't take long to get through customs and find our ride to the hotel, but by the time I got in bed, it was after 1 AM.

In a couple hours we'll head back over to the airport for a flight to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, and from there, we'll finally catch a flight to Kathmandu, Nepal. We'll meet up with the rest of our friends there before heading off, on one more flight, to Paro, Bhutan.

Right now I'm too tired to think about making photos, but I believe and hope that will change by tomorrow morning. It will be nice to spend some time with some of our Everest Trek 2009 friends.