Joe, Who is not a Spider

A couple weeks ago, while out on a field trip with Andi and her students, I met Joe, who is not a spider. Joe is a daddy long legs and looks similar to a spider in that he has eight legs. But his head doesn't articulate, so he is not a spider. This doesn't seem to bother him, and he doesn't talk about it.

So how, you may ask, do I know his name is Joe? Well, he was standing around on a beech tree at Sharon Woods Metro Park when I found him. Beech trees seem to be particularly valued for their carvability, and this one was no exception. So there Joe was, standing on the beech tree, with his body centered over the letter "o" of the name "Joe." I assumed he had just finished carving it and was admiring his handiwork.

After introductions Joe and I had quite a nice conversation while waiting for Andi ("J'attend ma femme.") to take some fungi photos. Joe didn't say much, but we still had quite a conversation. Eventually Joe was talked out and decided to explore the tree, maybe looking for additional carving room.

When he moved to the opposite side of the tree, Joe lined up himself quite well for a portrait, and I obliged him. The result was quite popular on Flickr, and I present it here for your viewing pleasure.

If you happen to visit Sharon Woods and happen to see Joe, please give him my regards.