Winter's Last Hurrah?

Waterman Farm

It always snows in Columbus in March... at least it seems that way, and I seem to have the opportunity to say it every year... and not being very witty or creative, I always do say it... and I'm glad it does because it gives me a last chance (or many last chances some years) to continue to make winter photos.

I like making winter photos, maybe because I like shooting in black and white, and snow provides some bright white to use when looking for contrast. Snow also provides very interesting textures when the light is right, as it is on bright mornings, such as this morning. I find scenes of snow and long shadows irresistible for photography.

I made this photo at Ohio State University's Waterman Farm, a few blocks from where we live, and my favorite place in this area. As you can tell by looking at my Flickr feed, I walk down there very often, and I usually bring along my Fuji X-E1.

This morning I brought along my 35mm and 60mm lenses. I made this photo with the 35mm and shot it using manual exposure set to 1/500 sec @ f/8, ISO 800.