Wrongo, Moose Breath

Yesterday I thought I might never again walk the Soos Creek Trail. My prediction was proven inaccurate much sooner than I expected, as I had time this morning for a shorter (four mile) walk, and I ended up, at least for a short time, on the trail.

I left the house at about the same time as yesterday, well before dawn, and returned before I noticed any lightening to the east. Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, there wasn't much light for photography. Still I did manage to make a few photos, again with my iPhone and Hipstamatic. 

A highlight of the walk for me was the very clear sky. I was able to see stars as dim as fourth magnitude. The sky in and around Orion was especially nice, and I was even able to see many stars in the constellation Lepus (silly rabbit). Jupiter, somewhere in Leo or Cancer (I'm not sure where the border is), was nice, too.

So here are a few more shots, none very interesting, but maybe better than nothing. Given that I made them while visiting parents, I'm happy to have had the chance to make them. 


Soos Creek Trail

Early this morning Andi and I walked about six miles along the Soos Creek Trail, which runs through the southeast suburbs of Seattle. It may have been our last walk along this lovely strip of nature.

 I first discovered the Soos Creek Trail maybe six or seven (or eight or ...) years ago. My parents had moved to the Seattle area a few years earlier, and I had been regularly visiting, but I hadn't ventured quite far enough to notice the trail. Once I found it, though, it immediately became my favorite place to go when visiting.

Since I found it, I've walked and photographed there several times each year. I like to stay on East Coast time so that I can get up early, go on my walk, make some photos, and be back in time for breakfast with my family. 

This morning I made a few photos using, for the first time, my iPhone. I just discovered Hipstamatic and have been having a fun time playing with it. So here is what may be my last photo from Soos Creek Trail, taken at 7:32 AM this morning.


Update: I forgot to mention why this might have been the last time I would be walking the trail... my parents have sold their house and are moving (back) to San Diego. I will still have a sister and brother-in-law in the area, so I may be back in Seattle at some point in the future, but whether I'd make it to the trail is doubtful. So there you have it.

Amtrak Cascades

Last month Andi and I visited our parents in the Pacific Northwest. My parents live in a suburb of Seattle, WA, and Andi's parents live in Eugene, OR. They're close enough together that visiting them in a single trip makes sense, but they're far enough apart that getting from one to the other takes a significant amount of time. For this trip, for the second time, instead of driving the whole way, we rode the train, Amtrak's Cascades.

Riding the train between Seattle (actually Tukwila, WA, in our case) and Portland, OR, is comfortable, convenient, and fun. The route is mostly scenic and at times spectacular. I especially like the wetlands south of Puget Sound and would love to spend some time there to do landscape and nature photography.

Here are some of my photos on the southbound part of our ride.

Amtrak Station, Tukwila, Washington

Someplace in Washington

Another Amtrak station in Washington

Vancouver, Washington

Union Station, Portland, Oregon

Union Station, Portland, Oregon

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