2014 Columbus International Festival

This past weekend I participated in the Columbus International Festival. My primary role was as a musician for the English Country Dancers performance, but I decided to bring along my Fuji X-E1 and 23mm lens. I thought there might be a good opportunity to get some street-type photos. It turned out that I was right. There were many interesting people doing interesting things.

When I first arrived I saw that there was some kind ceremony in progress. As I was preparing to go to a pre-performance rehearsal, I watched and listened to the goings on. It took me a couple minutes to realize that it was a naturalization ceremony. I'd never seen one, and I really wanted to get some photos. So I put down my instruments and made a beeline to a good spot amongst the other photographers.

After just a couple minutes the speeches were done, and it was time for the candidates to take the oath and become official citizens of the United States of America. During the oath I was able to shoot a couple quick frames including the one included with this post. Since I didn't know anyone in the ceremony, I wanted to be very polite to those who did, so I made just a couple shots and then got out of the way.

It was interesting and a bit humbling to see these people who must have dreamed of this moment and who had definitely worked hard to reach it. To me this was one of the most important scenes that I've photographed, and I hope I've represented it well.