MPEX Columbus North Market Photo Walk

Andi and I went on Midwest Photo Exchange's January photo walk to the North Market in downtown Columbus, Ohio. We met Aaron, our fearless leader, and the participants for a short introduction concerning the "rules of engagement," and then we all headed out on our own to make photos. It seemed that most of the others were shooting pictures of "stuff," but I stayed strictly in street photography mode and took photos of people. Most everybody seemed comfortable with me, but a few of the vendors didn't like the idea. I found out later that they hadn't been told about us and what we were doing even though the market management had said they would do so. Still, my street photography persona was pretty effective. I had a great time and ended up with quite a few good photos. Here are several of my favorites.

Reflections (MPEX North Market Photo Walk #1)

Xhot L (MPEX North Market Photo Walk #2)

Ingredients (MPEX North Market Photo Walk #3)

Meat Eater (MPEX North Market Photo Walk #4)

Prizelawn (MPEX North Market Photo Walk #5)

Portrait (MPEX North Market Photo Walk #6)

Fearless Leader (MPEX North Market Photo Walk #10)

Christmas Photo Walk

A week or two before Christmas (I don't remember exactly when), Andi and I went on a photo walk at Easton Towne Centre in Columbus, Ohio. The walk was sponsored by Midwest Photo Exchange (MPEX), a very good local photography store. Usually photography isn't allowed at Easton, and, from what I've heard, this is regularly enforced, so when I heard about the walk, I thought it would be fun to go along and do some street photography.

It was a very cold evening, but we still had a lot of fun. For the most part we stayed together, but eventually some of us (Andi) became separated. We all met up, though, afterwards for dinner at one of the restaurants at Easton. It was a great way to warm up again and get to know better some of our new photography friends.

We went on another of MPEX's photo walks yesterday, which reminded me about the Easton walk, so I thought I should write about Easton first. I plan to post about yesterday's walk in a couple weeks.

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