Another Top Ten for 2014

There are many ways to pick one's top ten photos. In my first 2014 top ten post, I chose ten of my favorite photos. In this post I'm going to show my top ten photos based on the number of views they've received on Flickr as of today, January 7th, 2015. Why Flickr? Because that's the web site where my photos seem to get noticed the most, probably because I've been posting photos there longer than other sites.

It really amazes me how many times some of these photo have been viewed. Some of them really make me wonder because I don't think they're very good. I guess other people have different opinions, but in my opinion this is especially the case for the #1 photo, which is #1 by a very wide margin. I just don't get it.

So here they are in order from #10 to #1.

10. Delaware Arts Festival (11,105 views)

9. A House Divided 6 (11,433 views)

8. Joe, Who is Not a Spider (11,449 views)

7. Harley Hound (13,595 views)

6. A House Divided 26 (13,735 views)

5. A House Divided 20 (14,384 views)

4. A House Divided 1 (15,166 views)

3. A House Divided 21 (15,622 views)

2. A House Divided 27 (22,678 views)

1. Cone Flowers and Bokeh (37,125 views)