Other than a couple of my daughter's track meets, I haven't shot any sports photos since my days as the photographer for my high school's newspaper. Back then I shot with a Yashica twin-lens reflex, which had a fixed 80mm (normal) f/3.5 lens. It was a real challenge to shoot a night time football game on Tri-X film. Occasionally we photographers became part of the action when we weren't able to get out of the way of a tackle after getting the shot.

So I was a bit skeptical about what I'd be able to do at a youth league hockey game using my Fuji X-T1 and a 50-140mm f/2.8 lens. I figured the autofocus just wouldn't keep up with the action, so I used the same strategy I used in high school, focus on a particular spot and wait for the action to hit the mark. I also figured I wouldn't have much depth of field, but there was enough light at the rink that I was able to shoot f/4 with a shutter speed of 1/500 sec at ISO 6400. Since I was shooting black and white JPEGs, I didn't worry about sensor noise.

I was very surprised that I ended up shooting most of my photos at the short end of the zoom range. I needed the wider field to show enough of the scene to tell a story. The shorter focal length and my focus strategy seemed to work pretty well as a very high percentage of my shots were in focus. I think I made some pretty good action photos, and I had a great time. I plan on continuing to shoot as much as possible for the remainder of the season.