My 2015 Top Ten Photographs

Inspired by an episode by Martin Bailey's podcast, last year I selected my top ten photographs for 2014. As 2015 ended I thought about that top ten list and decided to do another. While I was going through my photos I decided that I needed to include at least one photo from several categories:

  • Andi and I went on a several trips this year including one to Scotland (with the National Geographic Society and photographer Catherine Karnow) and another to New Mexico (on a workshop with Rick and Susan Sammon), and I knew I wanted both of these represented (I highly recommend both of these).
  • Our dog Emma passed away this year, so she should be represented.
  • I acquired a couple of film cameras (Leica M2 and Nikon FM3A) and decided at least one photo should be from an analog original.
  • I wanted to include photos from multiple genres, including at least street and landscape photography.
  • I should include at least one color (colour) photo.

Per Martin's podcast I made an initial list of photos based on ratings I had entered into Lightroom. I then filtered this list, making several passes, to arrive at my top ten. Whittling the list down this year didn't seem too difficult, due, at least in part, to having decided on some categories before starting. I think, too, that my work with The Arcanum throughout 2015 may have helped in that I had had a lot of practice at winnowing photos for submission.

By the way, Martin just released his Top Ten Photos for 2015. You really should take a look and also listen to this "blogcast," as he now calls it. Highly recommended.

So here are my top ten photography from 2015!