I woke up at about 4:30 AM this morning and got up to take a look out the bathroom window. It looked like it might be foggy (that particular window always seems to be foggy), so I pulled up the weather report on my iPhone and confirmed that what I was seeing really was fog and that it was forecast to last until at least 9 AM. Woohoo!

I went back to bed and started to think about where I might want to go shoot. At first I thought about a local park where I could shoot some landscapes. I also thought about the Ohio State University campus and downtown Columbus, both of which have interesting architecture. After a while Andi seemed to wake up so I mentioned the fog and my ideas to her, and she said she wanted to go to Ohio State and shoot photos of the geology building, Orton Hall, which is architecturally very interesting.

So we got up and got ready. Andi wanted to shoot with her Wisner 4x5" view camera, and I decided I to shoot with my Nikon F100 and a Nikkor 28mm AF-D that I just received this past week.

The fog wasn't as thick as I had hoped, but I still had a good time and shot most of two rolls of Ilford HP5+. I've recently been on a heavy grain kick, so I decided to shoot it at ISO 1600 and push process it. We'll see how that goes in  a few minutes. Right now Andi is developing four of her large format shots.

While wandering around Ohio State I ran into a gentleman, Harry, who was also shooting film with Nikon cameras. He had three of them including two of the original Fs. I don't remember what his third body was. We had a very interesting chat, and I was able to make a few photos of Harry with his cameras. I have high hopes for those shots.

On the way home, as we made our way up out of the Olentangy River valley, I noticed the fog was getting thicker. So I had Andi drop me off, and I walked over to Ohio State's Waterman Farm and finished off my second roll of film by shooting some landscapes from one of my favorite spots. The trees are pretty sparse there, and I was able to find several compositions where the trees fade off into the background. I'm really looking forward to seeing those.

Andi just came in and told me that she's finished developing her film, so now it's my turn to do so. If I get anything worth sharing I'll add them to this post tonight or tomorrow.

Update 1 (30 minutes later)...

I just finished developing both rolls, and most of the negatives look good. A few seem to be a bit on the thin side, but they don't look too bad.

Another update (one day later)...

The photos that I was excited to see (for the most part) came out very well, so I'm position a few here.

Harry and a couple of his Nikon film SLR cameras

Harry and a couple of his Nikon film SLR cameras

Waterman Farm, The Ohio State University

Waterman Farm, The Ohio State University