Too Much Winter?

Sometime last week (I don't remember exactly when) I went out for a short walk and decided to bring along my Fujifilm X-E1 camera with 60mm lens attached and make some end-of-winter (I hope!) snow photos. My timing was good as there was still enough snow to make the photos interesting, at least to me, and by the next day, almost all of it was gone.

I made some nice shots, at least in my own mind, and started posting my favorites in my Flickr "Photo of the Day" series. But they didn't seem to get much notice, and in fact my daily views seemed to drop dramatically. I'm not sure why, but I'm thinking maybe people have just had enough of winter this year and don't want further reminders.

So I stopped posting them in mid-series and switched to other things. My daily views haven't yet recovered, so I hope they will do so soon. My main goal in photography is to make photos that I like, and I'm still doing that, so I will stop complaining now.

Here are a few shots from the series, just in case there's someone out there that who can stand to see some more winter snow photos.

By the way, I'm really enjoying Fujinon's XF60mm f/2.4 lens. It's not much bigger than the 35mm, and it does a nice job.

Waterman Farm in Winter #1

Waterman Farm in Winter #2

Waterman Farm in Winter #4