Yesterday we traveled from seeing one set of parents, in the Seattle area, to seeing the other set of parents, in Eugene. In between we visited with my aunt, in Portland, while changing modes of transportation from airplane to automobile. I had hoped to take the train again, but the timing didn't work out.

During our travels I made Hipstamatic photos along the whole way, but one shot in particular stood out in my mind.

We were traveling south on I5, not too far north of Eugene when Andi said "Is that a spider painted on the back of that truck?" I looked up and saw the truck, and it did kind of look like a big black spider.  As we approached, though, the spider metamorphosed (possibly a first) into a motorcyclist (definitely a first) on what appeared, to me at least, the most uncomfortable motorcycle ever. The motorcycle's handlebars were shaped in such a way so that the rider's hands were above his head. To make matters worse, again at least in my mind, the rider appeared to be trying to draft behind the truck and was constantly in a dense spray (I forgot to mention that it was raining). Ouch and yuk, at the same time!

I really would have liked to get a photo from the "spider position," but it wouldn't have been safe to do without a moderate telephoto lens, and I'm in this Hipstamatic phase, so I waited until we were passing to make a shot. We went by pretty quickly, but somehow I was able to get the timing just right. I've only seen the photo on my iPhone screen, so I have no idea how it looks on a bigger screen, but it does appear to capture the "ouch" factor. I'm looking forward to finding out whether it also captures the "yuk."