Soos Creek Trail

Early this morning Andi and I walked about six miles along the Soos Creek Trail, which runs through the southeast suburbs of Seattle. It may have been our last walk along this lovely strip of nature.

 I first discovered the Soos Creek Trail maybe six or seven (or eight or ...) years ago. My parents had moved to the Seattle area a few years earlier, and I had been regularly visiting, but I hadn't ventured quite far enough to notice the trail. Once I found it, though, it immediately became my favorite place to go when visiting.

Since I found it, I've walked and photographed there several times each year. I like to stay on East Coast time so that I can get up early, go on my walk, make some photos, and be back in time for breakfast with my family. 

This morning I made a few photos using, for the first time, my iPhone. I just discovered Hipstamatic and have been having a fun time playing with it. So here is what may be my last photo from Soos Creek Trail, taken at 7:32 AM this morning.


Update: I forgot to mention why this might have been the last time I would be walking the trail... my parents have sold their house and are moving (back) to San Diego. I will still have a sister and brother-in-law in the area, so I may be back in Seattle at some point in the future, but whether I'd make it to the trail is doubtful. So there you have it.