Quite a Day

Yesterday was a long and eventful day for me. It started out at about 6:30 AM when Andi and I drove over to the Schottenstein Center for President Obama's re-election rally. Andi had volunteered to be an iPad data entry person, and I rode along to get a bit closer to my ultimate destination, the Chamber Music Connection (CMC) Spring Festival, which was held at the Ohio State University (OSU) School of Music this year.

In addition to the rally and the festival, OSU was also hosting the state science fair and the Renaissance festival. And if that wasn't enough, the Columbus Half Marathon was being run around the periphery of the campus.

I spent quite a while taking photographs at the rally since the festival didn't start until 9 AM. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed interacting with many of the volunteers and attendees, all of whom were very enthusiastic and friendly.

I walked along part of the half marathon race course to get to the festival area and was entertained by a couple band, a drill corps, and several more enthusiastic people. I made it to the festival with enough time to spare to be able sit down and enjoy some quiet time.

I've just started going through the 1700+ photos I shot at the festival and have posted a few on the Chamber Music Connection's Facebook page, if you're interested. I plan on posting more photos, from all of the events that I saw, here and/or on my other accounts around the web.

Oh! I finally made it home at about 6:30 PM and stayed just long enough to get ready to go downtown to the Cavani String Quartet Concert, which was actually part of the festival, at the Southern Theater. I shot more photos there, both before and after the concert, so you can expect to eventually see some of those here as well.

My day ended at midnight, since it was then another day, but I don't think I made it to bed until well after that. As you might imagine, I had a few photos I needed to upload to my computer.