Photo by  Andi Wolfe

Photo by Andi Wolfe

I'm a computer engineer, musician, photographer, volunteer, honorary Sherpa, husband, father, and friend of dogs.

I have many hobbies including amateur radio, astronomy, birding, music, and reading, but this website is dedicated to displaying some of my photographs. I make a wide variety of photographs: street, landscape, event, and studio, to name a few. I almost always either shoot in or convert to black and white. I especially enjoy travel photography and have made photos in Australia, Canada, France, Nepal, South Africa, and the United States. I've attended photo workshops with Chris Marquardt in the Himalaya Mountains, Peter Turnley in the streets of Paris, Catherine Karnow in Scotland, and Rick Sammon in New Mexico. Recently I've been shooting film, almost exclusively. I've also been experimenting with alternative photography processes, including making ambrotypes, cyanotypes, platinum-toned kallitypes, tintypes, and Van Dyke brown prints.

In my day job I'm a software engineer with expertise in software and database design and implementation. I have several years of professional experience in implementing and managing Ruby on Rails based information systems. I pride myself on developing clean, well-designed, maintainable software systems. I've worked for AOL, CompuServe, OhioHealth, the United States Air Force, and the Vanderbilt University Computer Center.

I have a Master of Science in Computer Engineering degree from The Air Force Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science from San Diego State University. I'm a life member of Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society.

All photographs on this website, except where noted, are the copyright of Stephen A. Wolfe and are registered with the United States Copyright Office. Any use without permission is forbidden by law. I do make some versions of some of my photographs freely available for use under a Creative Commons license. These are available on my Flickr site.